We can translate

in most DTP file formats directly (we support Adobe DTP packages) and can provide publication ready translated files back to you for publication/printing. No need to get your designer to cut and paste translated content in a language he/she doesn't understand (which normally leads to multiple issues, from cut and paste errors to font errors).

Note that when translating in DTP formats, it is important that consideration is given to translation from the design stage. The primary issue is one of text expansion/compression; in some languages (e.g. translating English to German) translated text volume can expand, in others it can compress. This has implications for the overall design. Also, when translating to right to left languages (e.g. Arabic or Farsi), typically the design should be changed to reflect a right to left flow of content and imagery.

Talk to us about how to design the overall structure of your brocure or pamphlet to make the translation process as smooth and simple as possible.

Have a look at some of our website translation examples, or talk to us about your website translation needs.