A2ZTranslate has been providing Chinese translation services since 2002. With a formal represetative appointed in China in 2009 to help coordinate Chinese translation services, A2ZTranslate is positioned to provide you with accurate, cost effective Chinese translation services. We translate both from and to Chinese, and all translations are by qualified translators.

It is important to note that there are different spoken dialects of Chinese, and there are also different written scripts in Chinese. Mandarin is the dominant spoken dialect, but there are many others such as Cantonese, Hmong etc. Traditional Chinese is the written Chinese of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia, while Simplified Chinese is the written script of Mainland China. The written script was simplified in Mainland China in the 1950's to encourage literacy; while there are of course similarities between the characters used there is no guarantee that a Simplifed script will be understandable to a Traditional reader, and vice versa.

While there are software packages that can convert between Simplified and Traditional Chinese scripts, we do not recommend using them. This is because when Simplified Chinese was developed, not only did they simplify the actual characters, they also combined certain characters to create new ones and deleted others altogether. So there is no one to one mapping between the two scripts The only way to then convert from e.g. Simplified to Traditional is to understand the context of the original; without that you would not be able to select the appropriate Traditional character for the context.

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