A2ZTranslate provides translations to and from Hindi. We translate a range of documents from Hindi to English, such as driver's licenses, educational qualifications, immigration related documents etc. as well as translating from Hindi to English for customers looking to expand their market presence in India. A2ZTranslate can also provide translations to and from a range of other Indian languages, such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil etc.

Hindi is closely related to Urdu (indeed the spoken languages are generally mutually intelligible), but whereas Urdu is written in Arabic script, Hindi is written in a script called Devanāgarī. With the advent of Unicode, more and more websites are being published in Hindi, both as information portals and shopping portals.

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Contact us on freephone 0800-889-0160, email info@a2ztranslate.co.nz, or use the form below to upload documents for Hindi translation.

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