Translating content for apps

is unique. There are several issues to deal with when translating content for applications

- Space. Given the limited area available on a mobile phone or iPad screen, it is important to ensure that the translation actually fits! Nothing worse than seeing content end up outside the visible field.

- Currency of language. Language changes very very quickly. Especially amongst the young, slang or abbreviated terms appear at a bewildering pace. Language like Japanese are renowned for the speed at which new words or loan words enter and exit the language. It is important that you use a translator who resides in their mother country, so that they are remaining current in their language.

- Layout/design. Remember that not all languages read left to right. Some go in the opposite direction (right to left), such as Arabic and Farsi. This has implications not just for the presentation of the translated content, but also the overall design, as an e.g. native Farsi speaker is far more likely to look to start a process at the top right corner, not the top left as an English speaker would.

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