A2ZTranslate translates in both directions, both translating to Spanish from English, and translating from English to Spanish. All our Spanish - English translators are native speakers of the target language, and are professional, qualified translators. No machine translation is used. In 2007 A2ZTranslate opened a representative office in Argentina, to support the demand we were seeing for quality Spanish translations. Spanish translations can be certfied for such documents as driver's licenses, educational qualifications, immigration related documents etc.

Of course there are multiple dialects of Spanish. The Spanish of Spain is also known as Castilian. Over time several distinct dialects have arisen, mainly in South and Central America, but also in Africa and Asia. The Royal Spanish academy is widely respected as the final arbiter of the Spanish language, due to its publications of dictionaries and grammar guides. From these has developed what is known as Standard Spanish, which is the Spanish of the mainstream media, academia etc. There are now somewhere between 400 and 500 million people in the world that consider Spanish their first language. In the USA, the newspaper with the #1 circulation is a Spanish newspaper!

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