What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation that is guaranteed as an accurate translation of the original document.

In New Zealand typically translations performed by full NZSTI members or NAATI certified translators are accepted by most Government departments. The translation must be stamped as certified, it must be signed and dated and printed on company letterhead. Certified translations cannot be sent by email; they must be the physical document. However, we can translate from a scan or fax; however on the translation it will state that this is a translation of a copy/scan/fax.

A2ZTranslate Ltd. is a professional translation agency and we can provide fully certified translations of all documents, including driving licenses, educational qualifications, police clearance certificates etc. Our translations have been accpeted by various Government departments, including NZQA, NZIS, LTSA and the Ministry of Justice. As a professional agency, we hold NZD$1 million in professional indemnity insurance for all our translation work.

Use our form below, freephone 0800-889-0160 or email info@a2ztranslate.co.nz to discuss your certfied translation needs.