Instruction and User Manual Translations

For equipment, machinery, software or appliances that need explanation, an instruction manual or user guide is imperative. These kinds of manuals often have a significant amount of repeated content, and are frequently updated as the product is updated/modified. This means they are ideal for establishing a Translation Memory (TM). When we create the TM, the source text is broken up into segments. The segments are then translated, and the TM remembers that source-target pairing.

This brings two immediate benefits. Any content that is repeated is easily identified and does not need to be re-translated, and it also enforces consistency of translation. Then over time as the manual is updated, the TM can identify what has been changed in the source text, highlight those changes for translation, and populate the other unchanged segments with the existing translation. Great savings on cost and time can be achieved with a well-implemented translation memory system.

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